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Photometers w/ Cal Check : HI 96728

Nitrate (as Nitrogen) Portable Photometer
  • 궗슜옄 蹂댁젙湲곕뒫
  • BEPS
  • 씠癒 湲곕뒫
  • 옄룞 醫낅즺 湲곕뒫

吏덉궛뿼 궗엺뱾뿉 쐞뿕븳 臾쇱쭏濡 돺寃 寃고빀븷 닔 엳뒗 븘吏덉궛뿼쑝濡 異뺤냼빀땲떎. HI 96728濡 臾쇱씠굹 룓닔뿉 엳뒗 吏덉궛뿼쓣 痢≪젙븷 닔 엳뒿땲떎. 씠 湲곌린뒗 留ㅻ쾲 媛숈 痢≪젙 뿉 젣濡 겮슱 닔 엳뒗 positive-locking 떆뒪뀥쓣 궗슜빀땲떎.


Available Accessories:
HI 93703-50
Cuvette Cleaning Solution
HI 731331
Glass Cuvette Set
HI 731335
Cuvette Cap for HI 957xx Series Meters
HI 96728-11
CAL CHECK꽓 standard cuvettes
HI 93728-01
Nitrate, Cadmium Reduction Method (100 Tests)
Range   0.0 to 30.0 mg/L
Resolution   0.1 mg/L
Accuracy   ±0.5mg/L ±10% of reading @25°C
Light Source   Tungsten lamp
Environment   0 to 50꼦; Max 95% RH non-condensing
Battery Type/Life   (1) 9V/approx. 200 hours continuous use
Auto Shut-off   After 10 min. of non-use in measurement mode; after 1 hour of non-use in calibration mode; with last reading reminder.
Dimensions/Weight   192 x 104 x 69 mm/360 g (10 oz.)